Latest Publications

If you’re interested in following my completed research work, you’ll want to check this section out. This is where I periodically publish my Artificial Intelligence research work as I complete them.

Would you trust AI?

Would you trust AI? The Singularity (A.I.) Since the first humanoid species walked the earth, mankind has influenced plenty of changes that have sped up the [...]

In The Press

This is where you’ll find all my seminars, talks, conferences and general website news. Additionally, you’ll find an assortment of my Artificial Intelligence media content here

On-Going Research

This is all the A.I. work I’m currently researching. You might find some incomplete projects as I work to complete my research in each category. Bear with me as I endure my journey into creating Superintelligence a reality.

Discover The Future

“We live in an incredible time where advancements in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics allows me to design Artificial Intelligence so much more efficiently than I could have ever done during any previous generation.” Albert Fattal, A.I. Researcher

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