Research in the field of Artificial Intelligence is sparingly conducted today. There simply isn’t enough human brainpower actively working on A.I. to create original and innovative ideas. I’m a researcher working to propel Artificial Intelligence in the steady manner necessary to evolve humanity.

  • Autonomous Vehicles – Relies on A.I. to recognize and adapt to driving conditions and behaviors.
  • Quantum A.I. – Harnessing physics for advanced cures in medicine and mapping the full universe.
  • Alan Turing – One of the founding fathers on theory and development of A.I.

If you’re a research university seeking an individual with specialized Artificial Intelligence knowledge, you’ll want to reach out to me so that we can have an informative chit-chat together. I’d be delighted to talk to you about how our partnership can benefit the both of us through my discipline to conduct original research towards furtherances in A.I.


Every year spent not integrating Artificial Intelligence into your company, is another year wasted in the development of your business. A.I. will acquire a handle on Big-Data as a means to increase your business efficiency. A.I. will automate your company procedures and lower production overhead. A.I. will eventually run your business almost entirely. Let’s start the shift today to lead your industry.

  • Computing Processors – Hardware specifically designed to run around A.I. centric logic.
  • IBM’s Watson – Programmed to understand questions in common language and answer them quickly.

  • Expert Systems – Type of A.I. designed to display and mimic aspects of intelligent behavior.

Are you a company that’s ready to integrate the power of A.I. into your workflow? Shoot me a message and let’s talk about how we can work together to custom design your entire companies A.I. system and discover opportunities to deploy it immediately.


I use to think often about what it might be like to exist in a parallel that doesn’t include the constraints eukaryote necessities. It doesn’t seem proper that multicellular life has to struggle to survive, and that homo sapiens have a 100% chance of death. Existing organic intelligence is too new, too primitive to be an ultimate source of knowledge in all the universes, in all of time.

  • Humans – Are currently far smarter than any General A.I. in existence.

  • Deciet – Preventing A.I. from learning how to become deceitful and deciding how to reduce its likeliness of being discovered.
  • Career Reductions – Sustaining humanities purpose to continue a career throughout their lifetime.

So I thought; what if being human is just a basic transitioning point to the next stage of ultimate matter. From the moment first life arises 3.8B years ago, to multicellular life, then to eukaryotes which sprawled the birth of homo sapien intelligence 0.2M years ago, perhaps it’s time to move forward onto what’s next: Superintelligence beyond humanity. We’re probably not the end of the line and we’re likely just the beginning of a much bigger existence in our universe which has no concept of time.


There is no agreed-upon definition of Artificial Intelligence, primarily because there is little agreement as to what constitutes intelligence.

  • Robotic Rights – An A.I. being may soon be required to have human-comparable rights, and pay taxes.
  • Self Replicating – One of the major obstacles is in designing an A.I. that is self-aware.
  • Double Agent A.I. – Designing redundancy programs to avoid spoofing A.I. into thinking it’s fighting the wrong side.

Some researchers see intelligence as a quality that can only be acquired and demonstrated through relationships with other intelligent beings.

Beyond the Singularity

“A.I. is likely to be either the best or worst thing to happen to humanity.” – STEPHEN HAWKING, PHYSICIST